This might sound ridiculous but I am thrilled that I figured out how to set up my “Let’s Keep in Touch” module so that the links open in a new window. Twitter gave me some trouble, and I even figured that out. This may seem like a whole lot of nothing to the more technically sophisticated among you, but as a writer, I’m usually the planner, not the maker. That is, I write the strategy and then sit with the IA guy and point while he makes the wireframes. Or, I write the copy and then sit with my art director and point at the screen while she makes the words fit into the layout.

That isn’t sexist, by the way. My information architect is a man and my art director is a woman. I wasn’t implying that men are super smart IA brains while women make the pretty as art directors. That’s sort of like saying cats are girls and dogs are boys. My cat is male, by the way.

Please do click on one of the links and admire my handiwork. You may also want to check out this very helpful page, to which I owe all my mad HTML skillz.

Merry Christmas.

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